Fr. Phillip Sessions Homily – March 4, 2018

Did you get your invitation to the wedding?   Wait a minute, I did not hear anything about a wedding in the readings.   What are you talking about?   This is Fr. Sessions’ homily on the Sunday Gospel (John 4:5-42) about Jesus and the woman at the well.   What a wonderful insight this was.   Thank you Fr. Sessions.

Fr. Phillip Sessions Homily – March 4, 2018


Fr. Sessions with his water jar

Slowly Fr. Sessions pulls junk out of the jar and drops it on the floor as he continues his homily.

Note all the garbage or junk that Fr. Sessions pulled from the water jar and dropped on the floor signifying all the stuff we may have in our own water jars. What do you have in your water jar? Do you have room in your water jar for Jesus?