Ushers and Greeters
        Assist and welcome parishioners

Ministers of the Word
Proclaim the Word of the Lord

Eucharistic Ministers
Assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ

Music Ministry
      Share your musical talent to help the liturgy

Altar Servers
      Assist the Mass celebrants at Mass

Help in the care of the church sanctuary and sacristy

Decorate church for various seasons and liturgies including the removal of said decorations when complete. Contact the rectory at 619.465.5334

Service and Assistance

Food Assistance
Collect and distribute food to those in need.

Social Justice
Make a difference in your community

Knights of Columbus
Saint Martin of Tours

Religious Education
We are always looking for just the right people to work with our children. Contact Chris Davis at 619.698.8434 or

Other Groups
Other groups in the parish also serve the parish so please see our groups webpage


Pastoral Council
Serve as lines of communication
for parishioners and ministries

Liturgy Committee
Help plan out Mass settings and themes during the year.

Finance Council
Advise how to raise funds, and spend it wisely.  Contact rectory 619.465.5334