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Teens at Steubenville 2016

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A letter from the Zuniga family which Saint Martin of Tour parishioners built for them earlier this year.

To The St. Martin Group:

Hello, good morning or good day.  Hope that you find yourselves  in good health, same as our family.

Since we received our house, we have been very happy and also very appreciative. Thank all of you and God for sending us such great angels that you are. Thank you for making a reality of our dreams. now, my son says his house is very beautiful. We have begun to to many things, such as saving a little money to build aporch and fill in the yard since we now have the space.

My husband will be taking his exam to enter school at the community center and my son will also be attending first grade. The baby has started to crawl and says “mama” and “papa”. We hope that you will come to visit soon and that you will join us when we Baptize the baby in November. We don’t have the date, but hope that you will be able to join us.

Thank you for our home that you have given us, we are very grateful and very happy. We are so lost for words. We will always keep you in our prayers and in our hearts. We love you very much and you are always welcomed and well received in our house. Our house is your house, we hope you visit to play, laugh, and talk, even if only for a short time.

God Bless St. Martin Group, with much appreciation to you from our family.

Zuniga Bartolo
Big strong hug from all of us.
                                        See a report of the home build on our SM Social Justice webpage

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