Saint Martin
of Tours
La Mesa, California
The continued practice of participating in the Last Supper is what we do at each Mass.  When Christ said, "This IS my body" and "This IS my blood," we as Catholic believe this to be true once the bread and wine are transubstantiated by the priest.   Receiving Christ into our bodies gives us added grace to help us in following Christ.

Here at Saint Martin of Tours, we make a practice of offering Christ in both species at Sunday and Holy Day liturgies.  Normal weekday Masses for the most part are the body only.

First Eucharist
The Sacrament of First Eucharist is available to those children who are baptized Catholic and are seven years or older (second grade).  A minimum of two years of religious instruction through enrollment in St. Martin's Academy or in the Faith Formation program, is required.

For 7-12th grades please see Youth Ministries
For adults please see RCIA

For you need further information please contact:
Christine Davis with Faith Formation
(619) 698-8434